Hoffy rat

Got a few projects on the go at the moment so thought I’d share Mrs Ant’s new beast with everyone. It’s about 95% of the way there so go easy!

Got the frame off Manbau (thanks heaps mate!), and as you can see by the decals it’s a classic Hoffy, made in Sandgate north of Brisbane. Proper track frame judging by the geo and lack of braze-ons, etc. It has hit something at some point as the top tube is ever so slightly bent but other than that it is a nice period frame.

The decals (what is left of them) are what I love most and there are no plans to turn it into another no-name powdercoat. Mrs Ant loves the ratty look and I’m happy to oblige! It must have had one of the most epic paint jobs back in the day, maybe I might properly restore it in the future but we’ll see. Meanwhile I’ve documented all the decals so I can get them remade if needed.

I threw on a set of 27" rims laced to Zeus hubs that I’d got of Gypsy a while back, and some other bits and pieces I had lying around. I’m going to chuck an old brooks I’ve got lying around on it and see how Mrs. Ant goes on that, and tidy up the brake cable as well. She popped her first skid and squealed all the way down the street on it on the weekend so I think we’ll be in for some fun times! :smiley:

Glad to see it back on the road .

That’s a beautiful frame. Are you going to leave the rear brake on? I always found a rear brake on a fixed gear was a bit useless, but I guess the front fork isn’t drilled for one. Do you know what year it is?

Yeah, the rear brake is stoopid cos I pop mad skids everywhere. (I actually don’t, I’m a fix noob)
But no, front fork not drilled for one.

Manbau, do you know what year it is?

Year of build is unknown to me and the guy I got it off was to drug f#*ked to know either, sorry. I would get a clamp on front brake and ditch the back .

nice looking crankset. what are they?

Thanks man, the cranks are nothing ultra special just a set of Sakae (EX or SX I think from memory?). The chainring is a cycle underground ring, and absolutely bullet proof. I used to run this crankset on my commuter but just turned that into a dedicated polo pony and built myself a replacement commuter which is almost complete.

Yeah, just waiting for funds to get one, the rear was an old one I had lying around and since there was no way to convince Mrs Ant to get on it without a brake I just went with that.

Got to love the old vintage fine lines rather than the modern day blobs. Not many modern cranks do this (Sugino 75s pretty schmick looking though).

Thanks for the chainring tip

What are those bars ant?

And where from?

My girl wants a set just like that but I only ever see them on old step throughs…

Love the ratty look btw

Well no surprise I got them off an old step through (shitty old repco) that I plundered for parts! They were rusted to the max but gave them the steel wool and elbow grease treatment and brought them back to life. I wanted to leave them rusty but Mrs Ant didn’t like the idea of Tetanus boosters every 3 weeks :-P. If you want something similar shaped but better quality I think Soma do a nice set called the Oxford, and Nitto make a set called the Albatross. Ask around at the LBS and see whether they stock either (or call Gear as Erik is doing free shipping ATM and he can get both I’m pretty sure).

Nice mut!
looks like a nice casual ride. That hand painted decal work is priceless.


thats mad! loving the twisted pedals :wink:

That frame is nice but the pedals and grips spoil it, especially the grips.

Is your fence asbestos?