Holiday back Home

I’m coming back to Melbourne for a few weeks with my lovely girlfriend and I’m shit out of ideas for things to do.
Basically outside of eating, drinking (coffee+misc.) i’ve only thought of going and doing the otways tree top walk. She’s never been out of north america let alone all the way to australia.

Anyone ever done the tourist thing there? I’m sure there a thousand awesome things I never did there…also there’s probably been rad new things to see/eat/drink in the last couple of years.

treetop walk is kinda shithouse, sorry. but there are a few waterfalls around there that are a bit of an adventure to get to and fucking amazing to swim in. plus, you know, the beaches are pretty good.

yep, what he said, put the $40 PER TICKET you’ll save on the treetop walk into the petrol kitty & go waterfall hunting. or, if you’ve got bikes, ride to the waterfall near Apollo Bay & spend the cash on lunch.

penguins, healesville sanctuary, probably beaches and stuff, gold mining touristy things?

Warby trail (with bikes, or horses?), Mnt Donna Buang.

Collingwood childrens farm could be a winner? add that to a movie or food at the convent.

Another vote for Healesville Sanctuary - lots of 'Strayan aminals in one place. Don’t forget the ferry to Williamstown, or a city chocolate tour if she’s partial to that particular food group.

Thanks dudes. Confirmed some stuff i had figured…animals and nature is hard to get wrong.

Shame about the tree top thingy. kinda hoped it would be rad.

I didn’t think it was that bad the first time actually, but I remember thinkin it was pricey. second time was definitely average. maybe it’s a one off kinda thing.

if you’re down there & wanna check it out I say do it, but be aware it’s not gonna blow your mind. probably sweet for an overseas visitor…

it’s what else you do with the whole trip that makes the treetopwalk.
while you can squeeze it all in a day, an overnighter sleeping somewhere on the coast makes it that bit more relaxed and enjoyable.
if taking two days, you can fit in more of the nature/beach/maybe even the apostles.

pre-sunrise start to hit torquay/lorne/anglesea/aireys for breakky.
find and visit many of the waterfalls before stopping for lunch in apollo.
head up skenes creek then across to the OtwayFly, then down thru Lavers Hill to Port Campbel for dinner - or from apollo drive through the otways and loop around back to the Fly via Lavers Hill then home via the inland hwy.

A drive up to the top of silvan dam and the dandies then a walk is pretty good. theres some shorter walking tracks that you can do in sneakers and if you stay out of the tourist traps it can be really good for OS visitors.

ive taken a fair few people on a ‘laneway’ tour of downtown… always goes down well and theres more than a few coffee/eating/drinking spots as you walk around to rest at.

On the other side of the bay, there’s always Wilsons Prom, Inverloch, Phillip Island etc and stop at a BnB on the way back (lots down that way). The Great Ocean Road is a must though!

me too. i kinda thought it was gonna be one of those touristy things that is kinda worth it, like the eureka tower or the penguin parade. but it most definitely wasn’t.

Also now we’re here we need bikes. One big one small (50cm / 60cm). Locks/helmets the works too.
Super organized people that we are

I might have a line on a tiny bike. Can loan you anything in 56 but probably too small? Accessories are easy.

Sweet. We can drop around and look, just on westgarth. Last time I made do with one of Simon’s so small might be fine for me. Just north suburbs to city rides.

Ride of puffy billy is good fun.