Holiday Rides.

So holidays are coming up, and given that there seems to be very few people who ride in Melbourne that are actually from Melbourne, there’s bound to be a few people heading home for Christmas, or heading to the beach or whatever.

I’m heading back to the folks farm, and given that there’s nothing to do there other than get shit-faced and shoot at things - I thought I’d take my bike with me. (because shooting stuff while riding drunk is way more fun)

So if anyone’s planning on riding around Port Fairy between Christmas and early Jan - let me know.

and similarly, if anyone’s in the same boat and looking for people to ride with - throw down your holiday dates and locations below. (who knows, we might even be able to organise some TWBD style ‘epic / lovely’ tours)

fuck chaz, you’re from port fairy? i did some summers down there back in the 90s.

you can’t imagine how disappointed i was to discover the football team wasn’t known as the port fairies…

i’m doing christmas track carnivals this year. horsham / maryborough / bendigo / shepparton. if anyone’s in the neighborhood, come say hi.

The Boss and I are cycling from Port Fairy to Torquay from the 30th Dec to 5th Jan. Details are sketchy, but if you see a fixed gear with panniers, come and say hi.

I’ll be down at Phillip Island for the first 2 weeks of Jan riding with the locals - they meet at 7am most mornings at the IGA in Cowes. Plan to do some riding in the hills behind Kilkunda (and surf my nuts off…)


yeah cool - I’d be up for the first Port Fairy to Warnambool leg.

yeah - I grew up about half an hour away in Penshurst - a blink-and-you-miss-it kinda town. Also spent summers in Port.

I think the footy team are called the ‘seagulls’ which is hardly more theatening that the fairys to be honest.

i know penshurst. it’s on the way from stawell to port. i ate many a pie there in my pre-vegan days.

and their jumpers are purple!

All right western districterz

Chaz I’ll be back in Hamilton (home town) over xmas, will be floating between Portland and Portfairy so definately up for some rides. Not sure whether I’ll have the fixie or the roadie but will have somehthing.

I’d be really keen to do a ride to halls gap if you know that area at all?


HALLS GAP!!! there’s no surf there. and it’s like… a billion km away. (see attached image)

I guess from port fairy it is about that far, and yep lacks most things water based at the moment.

yeah - keen for some longer rides - but not that long. give us a yell when you’re in the area though!

in perth for a few days either side of christmas…

port fairy - halls gap is a fucking lovely ride. rolling hills → national park…

I’ll just be doing Hamilton to halls gap I think, maybe via vic valley. Unless anyone is reeeaall keen for port to halls?

I’d suggest port fairy to portland for a coast trip but that high way is sketchy even to drive at that time o year


what’s the ride out to Mt Eccles or macather like? looks alright on google maps - but I’ve made that mistake before…

Mt eccles could be pretty fun, with some dirt oriented tires it would be reeaal fun.

if you feel like a mission chaz, i’ll spending new years down at otway national park! shitfaced off course!

that’s only 182km’s! There’s better be a beer at the end. where abouts in the park? (it’s quite large)

we dont really know yet. just gona wing it aye bro! i’ll text ya!

Id be keen,the otway ranges are awesome.

i’ve got a 600km or so tour through the otway rainforests planned for next month. can’t wait!

if anyone is keen to come along they can.