holiday work

hey, some of you know lily and myself, at the moment we are working on a farm near noosa and we are keen on brisbane and have been thinking about looking for work when we get back down there in about 2 weeks or so. does anyone have any info on where to look before we are actually there or andony know of a place in need. We will do whatever we can get, lily is a swim instructor and I am a mechanic of bicycles and automobiles but again up for whatever is out there. any info helpS!!!

wish i know something man. cafes would be my guess for temp work.

you can work at eagleboys, its a pizza shop. Me (jamie) zach and orla work there. It’s pretty chill, the boss is like 22 and is hell relaxed. You don’t need a car or anything.

ps, its in the valley. My friend manages a coffee shop in Newstead that is hiring, they pay cash money too. Pm me if you want and i’ll send you her number

i walked past there on tuesday night and saw orla, but i wasnt sure if it was her.

they keep me out the back, i tend to scare small children


not coming to your stupid gig anymore



How could you not with a flyer like this?!!

back on topic… how long are you and lily staying brad?

if we can find work, how knows, we have a 12 month working holiday visa so if we find work to make some money and a place to crash we can hang for howeverlong we want!

johnson- let me be your roadie and Ill see shirts and pins for you. ha do bands have pins anymore?

we have neither currently. been slack.

I might have a line on a couple of options for Lily.

  1. I’ve got a friend who works at University of Queensland Sport who I can ask.
  2. How is Lily with kids? If she can get a blue card (working with children card) she would be able to pick up childcare work easy enough, Mrs Ant (Kath) can help in this area! Although the pay is pretty shit for unqualified staff.

my wife’s name is Orla???

yeah, i know… crazy. i met 3 people named Orla that week i picked those wheels up from you. This Orla is irish and lives with Zach

dan- Lily is wonderful with kids, she taught mostly kids swimming (which is not easy) i looked up the blue card thing and if she gets the forms im sure she can get it no problem. keep us posted and thanks a ton!!!

Not so much holiday work but it might be of interest to someone on this forum:

Event Officer
We are seeking an energetic cycling-minded events graduate to assist the Event Co-ordinators in the planning and operation of these events. Key responsibilities of the Event Officer are:

Sponsor and stakeholder liaison.
Venue and services research and liaison.
Day to day assistance with implementation of events.
Assist with event logistics, including supplier sourcing and communication.
Preparation of documentation for sponsors, stakeholders and participants.
Website and other marketing communication tool updates as required.

The successful candidate will have a tertiary qualification in a related discipline and some workplace experience in outdoor events.

Key Skills and Attributes:

Good time management skills.
Excellent interpersonal skills.
Ability to communicate clearly in verbal and written forms.
Well-developed record keeping practices.
Good attention to detail.
“Hands on” attitude.
Willing and able to research and adopt innovative ways to improve operations and services.
Completely comfortable with a PC as a tool of trade.
Willingness to work outside normal hours at meetings and events pertaining to the job. Domestic travel will occur.
Willingness to work in the community sector and share its passion for achievement while understanding its difficulty with resources.
A desire to constantly improve.
An understanding of risk management.
A strong empathy for cycling and a willingness to work hard to achieve a better outcome for cycling in Queensland are essential.
Remuneration package will be discussed at interview. Applications addressing the qualifications, key skills and attributes listed should be sent to: by close of business on Wednesday 25 November 2009.

Volunteer at Bicycle Qld!
Bicycle Qld has many roles available particularly on our events.

Please email: to register your interest.