Holy Grail >> Alex Singer made/owned by Ernest Csuka

Get me some tissues !!! Yes, Csuka’s own bike. Very significant and collectable. Interestingly it’s being sold by Mike Kone of Boulder Bicycle who know owns and makes bikes under the Rene Herse name. Anyway, well worth a look.

Alex Singer Bicycle - personally owned by Roland Csuka - amazing features | eBay

Saw this on flickr yesterday, max drool.

Check the threadless headset! Waaaaaay ahead of its time.

Apart from of the collectibility factor, the thing I can appreciate as a touring layman is how practical and well thought out the whole bike is. Impressed.

Why doesn’t Giant just copy this kind of design and offer people a reliable form of transport instead of the POS on offer for most of the masses?

doing something like that will ensure the client won’t be back to purchase the ‘new’ model next yr.