Holy hell

Must watch, this is as stupid and crazy as I have seen
Biertijd.com // Media » Truck Bike Draft 124 km/h

Good gear.

Edit: #becausestrava

What a nutter.

Bunny hops at 100+. Crikey. I see a Darwin Award in that chap’s future.

bit like sleeping with your step sister, seemed like a good idea at the time, but it’s going to end badly sooner or later.


bong on bro!!

Dat bunny hop!

last year i was towing our trailer on the A1 just south of coolangatta with one of the institute riders drafting behind at 110… sketchy

bet his mum would have been stoked with how SASI do training with Bates at the wheel.

Did hit 103km/hr last year descending a straight stretch of road in the US last year, but it wasn’t drafting…

This is super wow !!!

Pretty sure SugarKane has cracked 100 km/h on the old Parlee….

I’ve never got close, maybe 85 or 86.

user Goose is the craziest i have seen he can hit some mental speeds,
pretty sure he has cracked 100 a fair few times,
Me im stuck at about 65 im just shit at it

I’ve hit 75ish on a downhill in the Dandenongs, that felt far too fast.

65kms on my 29er on a dirt road also felt a little loose.

I just get paranoid about one little thing going wrong and it all ending very badly and quickly.

Still can’t believe the guy at work who used to race downhill, 100 plus on a section of fire road on a course at thredbo apparently.

passing a car down Oliver’s hill was my fastest, I don’t have a Garmin or anythin though, so no idea how quick.

quick enough.

Henk Vogels dropped it at 109km in a race back in the early 2000’s,
Nearly died and the riders stopped because they thought he was dead.
Pretty crazy to think you could survive that.
Another pro tri mate dropped it at about the same speed in europe and some how survived as well.

All it takes is a chain suck or stick and your fucked.

a mate of mine was once asleep in an RV, in nothin but boxer shorts, when the driver behind fell asleep & accelerated straight through the back of the RV. he woke up sliding down the freeway.

only survived because he was relaxed when he hit the deck…


myself and dash tim both cracked 100 easily with hands on the tops freewheeling behind a caravan down new willunga hill road… felt fine!

I’m impressed by the confidence the guy has in attaching his camera to the truck and assuming he’s going to be able to not only stick with it, but retrieve it as well. Nuts.

Also, does anyone else’s legs unconsciously begin peddling when you watch something like that? I watched that entire video and my legs are stuffed now.