Holy Saddle-to-Bar Drop Batman

Frank from Velominati’s gravel bike. Apparently he actually rides it like that.

Velominati › On Rule #12: Graveur Robber

That is just stupid in so many ways.

gorilla arms

Custom frame does not fit?


this is pretty much k o’s dream bike.

In the comments section there’s a photo of him riding a track bike with a similar setup, and it somehow doesn’t look so crazy (track though). Really long limbs/ tiny torso?

“Custom” in the sense of paint and decals I think. Crabon frame must have a standard mold.

Like etomato said it’s only custom decals and paint. It’s an XL frame, I assume the biggest they make.

Pretty much the same position I have on my bike! Looks normal when he is on it.

Frank from Velominati, yesterday.

Adam Hansen’s Ridley, close contender.

people who are tall and flexible ride these sort of positions a lot

Tell us about this one Alex

that is the perfect setup for someone who has a beard and is not from melbourne but wants to be from melbourne

Velominati can quantify everything else…why can’t they quantify saddle/bar drop and force bike makers into offering more than three sizes?


I have a beard and I am not from Melbourne, yet have some desire (if only a little bit) to live there, and there is no fucking way I would want that bike. Maybe with risers and front rack.