Holy SH!T Small Collection

Sammlungs Aufl

Crappy online translation:


Private collection resolution!

Approximately 70 race and many wheels, rims, parts etc.

There are e.g. wheels of Colnago, Merckx, Gazelle, owl, de Rosa, GESTA, RUFA, Rickert, Stollenwerk and others

Many div. mod. Components group: Campagnolo record, C record, 50 anniversary, Dura-Ace and others

Appointment and exact address see: 02403-5063360 or 0160-7851330 (no SMS).

Location: 52249 Eschweiler (district Weisweiler) in the District of Aachen in North Rhine-WESTPHALIA.

Shipping should be desired, I can help with the mediation!

Private sale without guarantee or withdrawal.

Who wants to go halves?

Is Blakey selling up?

if that was BIN it’d be a bargain. 70 x 1000AUD minimum/bike = alot of cash money and keep whatever you like :stuck_out_tongue: But again so much fucking around and no cash in the bank to do so.

I have Rello’s and family friends near that area.

its hard enough to sell one old bike for $300 these days, good luck with that

^yup agree… nice stuff he got there tho

anyone else notice the f.moser pista in the 6th photo?

3 track bikes in that pic and top left has so ething with aerobars and a front shamal

Edit: TT faggin in following pic

Holy shit.

… ⁄⁄€571 per bike … tell 'im he’s dreamin !!!

There’s a fluro bike in the last picture which is reminiscent of Coffee’s MAZZA.

Imagine how much dirty european sex and cocaine you cOuld buy with 40,000 euros. Man I’d come home with all sOrts of regrets.

That’s probably not all you would come home with.

Plus what you would leave behind.

I would leave all of my bodily hair, and most of my penis, and come back with some fake breasts and a whole wardrobe that will be in fashion next year.

Style never goes out of fashion, and you got bags of it kid :wink: