Homage this ....

left bank suicide stylee, bro … so 2012 !!!

That’s just in-Seine.


Tandem pact.

What a francetastic picture.

I can’t believe you guy’s have the Gaul to make wisecracks at the French !!!

I could kick it with those dudes.

Spirito, I think it’s irrespontsible to post these up here, knowing the way young people copy, and how little water is around these days.

  • Joel

Lake George is dry again, huh?

Actually, I think it’d be fun/stupid to have a river or lake jump competition. Don’t know how you would score/adjudicate or would it be based on style alone? I’d have to build up a special bike though … and I can only image the massive pain if one didn’t kick the bike away in time. Ouch!!

Is it me or does one of those guys have a limp dick?

yeah, looks it.

And a double crown fork:)

that last guy reminds me of the River City Roller guy.

aka … Merkens stem

Some cool pics of Major Taylor racing in Paris (Parc de Princes - concrete stadium, mostly flat) and Buffalo (outside of Paris, old board track) in 1908 and 1909. At that time they were super stars, paid more than any other athlete and on front page news each time they raced. Huge crowds, mass entertainment.

Sadly, Major Taylor died broke, in poor health and almost forgotten.

the major taylor book is totally a worthy read.

That trackstand-off is awesome.

I remember reading an article of when Major Taylor raced in Adelaide (I think) and basically said that cycling will be dead soon, now that motor vehicles were becoming popular and could be raced. I wish I could find it…

Haven’t found it yet, but this seems like a good read…

Major Taylor in Australia.

Yo Dylzan !!!

Not only disc wheels circa 1922, but what appears to be a fixed gear, forward facing recumbent, with a propeller !!! Cooler than a softride?