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anyone done it, I am kinda tempted to try a seatpost or something 1st, then maybe my frame.

Apparently the ano layer is thin and can be buffed off.

Anodize Titanium!


I’ve given it a whirl before with some Ti camping stuff. Wasn’t overly complicated but it was pretty small scale. Cutlery, tent pegs, cook pots, etc.
But yeah the anodised layer is pretty thin and I buffed it off once or twice with just a scotchbrite pad with the first tester. Only piece I have left that I anodised is the spork and the blue colour has held up very well over the last year or two.

ok, ordered a Ti seatpost, have access to a variable voltage thingy at work, might try a rainbow effect.

Will take lotsa pics.

Heat application is also good for colouring Ti.
Had a Ti exhaust on old GSXR moto and everytime i took fairing off it was a different colour.
We do Ti anodizing at uni but small scale (jewellery).

With electrical current and a mild acid bath or heat?

Thinking I’ll try for a rainbow effect, I have access to a variable power source in the labs at work though I guess that’s AC not DC, not sure if that will affect it.

Fill a large container with the acid, attach the alligator clip to the inserted/un-ano’d section of the post and slowly pull up the post as I turn up the voltage.

I think regulating the raising of the post vs the voltage will be the tricky part.

We do both.
Regulator just has hi/low so don’t know V without a 'meter. single phase though.
Ti ano is just V as opposed to Alu where you need a dye as well.
Try website mrtitanium.com for more advice.
Will post some photos soon of heat colouration on Ti sheet.

You will need DC otherwise the part will anodize then de anodize (cathodize???) 50 times second :stuck_out_tongue: (assuming 50hz AC)
most variable low voltage power supplies (e.g. 0 to 24V) should be DC (IME)