Home Brew Beer

Yeah, the pot is around 14-15L. It’s not the best pot either. I am just using this as an experiment to see if I really need that $400 machine in my life. If I can make an okay beer with a small pot on my induction stove, then I might spend a bit on just a better pot.



Fair enough. I guess I’ve always put my irish moss, yeast nutrient and immersion chiller in the boil for at least 15 minutes, so for me that’s the minimum sanitising time.

Most bugs in wort will be dead within a minute or so at boiling temps. However, for the immersion chiller, as its less likely to be perfectly clean going in anyway, and adds a ton of surface area, so its probably a good idea to boil at least 10min. For home brew, I do the same. Outside of trying to grow pure cultures of yeast, a good clean and quick sani are plenty on a 20ish liter scale. Worst that happens is you lose a few bucks and a couple hours of work.

Come on, pull the trigger, nothing better than all grain brewing!

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I don’t understand. Of course you can make an okay beer with a small pot (I used to do 10L batches on the stove in a 19L pot), but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get something better. PULL THE TRIGGER!

Oh my god…

Hahaha, of course it’s a nice bit of brewing gear to nerd out on.

BUT SIX HOURS TO BREW!! Who the heck has six hours to sit around watching something boil on a weekend?

Yeah, try it with two kids! I’ve managed to get it down to 5.5 hours, and I can get a few things done while I’m waiting. I did it over a couple of nights for a while, so, mash one night and boil the next, which was OK, but it’s better if I can get it all done in one hit.

I will have to pick the brains of people with a robobrew. If I can get things started and then go for a ride for an hour and a bit, thats making good use of time.

all this nerd talk is making me lust after an MB longneck. yum.

The beer went well and is now bubbling away in the laundry. I made a few last minute changes to the recipe. One being the yeast as the homebrew shop didn’t have the Wyeast 1056 American Ale, I ended up going with the Safale us-05.

I changed the hop additions as well and have decided not to dry hop.

I am going to do the same process but with some Calyspo hops as well, and then cube it until I am ready to bottle.

How’s your temp control in the laundry? Do everything you can to keep that fermentation temperature constant.

Temp control is swinging about a degree depending on the time of day. I did put the heat belt on it but found that it ran it too hot. It looks to be sitting at 20 for most of the time.

Id’ like to dedicate a proper area to fermenting, but that requires buying a few things

That’s awesome, cos you love buying things.


Used old fridge or standing freezer with a temp controller makes for a good ferm chamber. I keep my home conical in a Mitsubishi standing freezer. Had to cut a little space out for the legs, and is a tight fit, but works treat. Can lager all through summer if I wanted to.

Yeah, I will see if I can find an old fridge. Space is tight in the garage at the moment with all the construction tools.

Alright. I have been discussing this with Luke today… check it out and discuss.

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Construction tools? Just build a fridge mate.

Haven’t watched the sous vide vid yet, but if a guy named Art Whitaker tells me to do something, Imma probably do it. What a name.

Happy to sacrifice my sous vide machine if you want to have a crack at a brew together :beers:

A heap of free recipes right here: