home made belt drive

so we got some crafty devil who’s banged out a gates carbon drive on a visp(?)

any thoughts on the dropout conversion?


No brakes… Can ya skid with a belt, or would it snap?

This has been on the bay for a while actually. Price hasn’t budged for a while…

Skid no probs.

Harleys have no trouble putting the power down through belt drives and standard they put out 80+ HP.

Set up well the drive train would be virtually silent. Ultimate ninja bike

Agricultural, nasty.

sweet dropouts bro


there’s a few things I don’t like about this. a) its a junk frame and he wants $1400 for it b) It’s the first gates belt drive that I’ve seen where there isn’t a bash guard, so what’s to stop the belt slipping off? c) the cut in the dropout is slim, which means that the alloy stays would have had to have been bent to get the belt in, and ya know what works for steel don’t necessarily work for aluminium.

it’s one of the new gates belts which has a ridge down the middle of the chainring and cog, and a corresponding cleft in the belt so the whole thing can’t come off. Pretty cool really, whereas on the other hand this bike is not, it is a piece of poo

Yeah, totally familiar with the whole belt drive system thing in terms of forward thrust, and coastin etc, just thought that the whole rearward pressure from back pedal pressure skids etc may be a stress. But as you point out the torquey(is that a word) nature of a harley dropping back through the gears and using engine compression as a braking option would be a similar and tried and tested point of it’s viability.

whats the difference between dropping a clutch to move forwards and whipping mad skidzzzz?

Nuttin, that’s what I’m saying, in hindsight, and reflection of Hugo’s post it all makes sense. mad whip skids with belts is totally real.

Belt-drive mod done on Alu in action here

Looking like this:

it will be tested hard over winter… believe me.

I like how it’s on a Tri spoke.

The guy its for is one parts nuts. This is his training/fast bunch ride bike (and he can/does lead a fast bunch safely with it).