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Bike Snob NYC: Lashing Out: Apparently Everybody Hates Everybody

The fuck is this? Human Cop Killer on Vimeo

Whoa. When Ian Human makes C Grade at DISC, I’m outta there.

“…your lungs are burning, that little taste of blood in your mouth” - Ian Human

Comment from reader of BSNYC So…‘cop killer’ copped out and took it all out on a civilian who doesn’t like drinking & biking? He’s his own worst enemy? That video made me sad any way you spin it.
Does he know it wasn’t real life??


This is the best shit ever.

fuck aye…

i don’t know if those hell krew kits are going to be welcome at hawthorn crits after this…

ha ha ha lulwut.

and more from the comments section:

…either zis young man needs some serious help or he just needs to get laid, ya ???"…

my friends and i made a horror movie once. it was about a killer packet of Tasty Toobs that took its revenge on a bunch of simple farmboys and their dog Spud. The dog’s name in real life was also Spud. It wouldn’t answer to anything else. we were fifteen. it kinda showed.

I fkn LUV Tasty Toobs!!!

be careful. i hear 1 in 10 packets are evil.

I had to do a same sort of project a high school, but i came up with a motion stop film about a killer basketball with hand drawn faces, i only got a B. they were a bit disturbed that it seemed to be killing students then committing suicide.

did you go to columbine high?

NewTown High, Tassie :wink:

… much of a muchness

HellKrew doesnt eat brunch… but they do drink breakfast.

video now private…

nik, we’re now discussing the horror movies we all made in high school / the sociopathic tendencies of small town tasmanians. catch up!