Honda jazz fixie hipster colab


Hipsters can’t afford hondas.

If they can afford Pistas and Aerospokes at 12, I think their trust fund will provide when they’re 18.


Can’t believe they have Ninja, Rap etc…

You’d probably do it for $750.00 ea person…

Ha! I just bought a Honda Jazz…but mine’s a ‘vintage’ 2003 model.

I drive a civic hatch. which often gets mistaken for a Jazz…

Makes sense when you think about it. Hipsters pretend to like jazz…

Wasn’t ianhuman posting Art Blakey records yesterday…

Ha ha ha, yes I was. But if anyone tries to tell me I pretend to like Jazz I might do something I regret.

EDIT: Actually, I wouldn’t regret it.

And Blakey, I’m not directing my comments at you.

I can’t believe that is a real ad… is it?..

I love jazz as well ianhuman… especially avant garde stuff like Miles Davis…


Are you keen to go halves on a Honda Jazz with me?

Please don’t glass me with my own syphon.

And Kenny G?

Maybe half a honda Z?

That would entail me actually coming and getting it!

i would sell all of my bikes for that car.

you could probably pedal faster than that Z

They didn’t use ‘colourway’?

The only thing wrong with the ad is that they didn’t lock the doors and set fire to it once they were all inside.

They are actually pretty good viral ads… check out the others if you have time. They even have Bangs in the rap version.

But can he split in two?