hoods for brake levers

so i bought these suntour levers and as you can see, they don’t have hoods

will something like these fit ok?

Not if the cables come out of the top ( I can’t quite tell from the pic). If so, you’ll need ‘Non Aero’ hoods… something like these:
Cane Creek Standard Non-Aero Black Hoods - eBay Bicycle Parts, Cycling, Outdoor Sports, Sporting Goods. (end time 06-Oct-10 16:53:01 AEDST)

Though, there are lots of versions of them out there and depending on the brand of the brake levers, you may be able to find some that match…

no, they’re aero style

In that case, they’ll fit. But you might be able to get matching hoods depending on the brand of lever. There are modern or retro available, plus made of either gum, silicon or rubber materials.

they’re suntour sprint. no idea what year.

Sprint were a late 80’s model. Most off the rack hoods will probably fit, though they vary a bit in shape which is the biggest issue for a comfortable fit.

I have a set of Suntour Superbe Pro levers and though some Dia Compe hoods fitted ok, they didn’t do them any justice. The ‘rounder’ shape will fit them better than the ‘squarer’ shape. If that makes sense.

I eventually got a set of CLB gum hoods which look fantastic and feel awesome. I hunted around and found them on euro ebay for about $20.

The Bici | Vintage Cycling Goods - CLB Sulky Gum Non Aero Brake Lever Hoods - RARE!

i’d be looking at Hudz if i were you - despite the horrendous spelling. they come in an array of useful sizes and shapes.

I’m pretty sure they only do modern(ish), Shimano, Campag and SRAM fittings. Though I may be wrong.

yeah, i’ve checked them out, and as nexus said, its seems they mainly do stuff for modern groups. though when i eventually get that sram red group i’mm all over those pink replacement Hudz.
and yes, hudz is an atrocious name for any company

If you’re in the area, check out Abbotsford, they had gum and black hoods that should fit your levers in stock for a while.

Also, if old mate from Sydney comes down to the the fyxo swap meet again, check out the boot of his car, as he had a trove of Suntour gear last time.

hmm, shoulda just bought the ones from france i saw on ebay that still had their hoods…