hooray for bikes

hopefully this will start a shift towards something positive for cyclists on the road

Melbourne bikes boost outpaces nation | Cycling survey

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A bicycle commuting friend of mine in Melbourne sent me a link to that article. The article claims “Victorians are the nation’s most active cyclists, clocking up 1.08 million bike rides each week” based on the National Cycling Participation Survey. My Melbourne friend was trying to make a point. Pish and tosh, say I. If you calculate the ‘number-of-rides-per-head-of-population’ for each state and territory (using the figures in the article and the most recent Bureau of Stats population figures) then you’ll find that:

(a) the Northern Territory leads, with 0.26;

(b) followed by WA and the ACT, both with 0.22;

(c) followed by Vic and Tas, both with 0.19; and

(d) with NSW last, with 0.14.

That said, I reckon that any article which raises the profile of cyclists and our needs is a Really Good Thing.

The article also reports that “last year, state and federal transport ministers pledged to double cycling rates by 2016”. Great news — particularly if they also double the amount of money spent on cycling facilities and driver/cyclist education.

That’s a quiet week for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

not even a mention of QLD :frowning:

approx. 0.18


does not compute

I’m sorry for not mentioning Qld and SA. I had calculated the figures for those states — but I got distracted when I wrote my last post and I somehow missed writing those figures in. Brain fade. Apologies.

You mean “shuttup ya poof!”

Qld - pop: 4,548,700 (per census) - rides per week: 814,000 (per article) = 0.18
SA - pop: 1,650,400 (per census) - rides per week: 299,000 (per article) = 0.18