Hopefully not such a stupid question

I want to get some new mtn bike risors for a commuter.
The bars I took off measure 22.15 down to 22.04 depending on how tight I make the fit on my electronic callipers.
I can’t find bars in that measurement on the Intrawebz…what am I doing wrong folks?

Sorry if I am again being a dick

Take a set of known size bar bore from another bike and fit into said stem. That is your base.

Are you measuring the area that is clamped by the stem?

I’d wager they’re 25.4mm, unless it’s a BMX with 22.2mm clamp bars.

Must be bmx risors and therefore 22.2…do mtn bike make risors in that size?

Thanks Blakey

I don’t want to be a dick, but did you even try googling 22.2mm handlebar?

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Is this for the Trek?

The Syncros stem takes 25.4 I’m positive

Yeah, I’ve seen a few cheaper old MTBs with 22.2 stems.

My brother has a FSFG with a 22.2 rizor ‘n’ BMX stem. But thats modern and defs BMX

No I tried googling 22.15.
I thought it might have been like seat tubes and been very specific.

No Adrian, for another bike Brah.