Horatio's birthday ride Saturday 4th July

Hey guys,

As a few of you already know, it’s my birthday on Saturday woo!
So I’ve organised a cruisy ride leaving 9AM Saturday 4th July at the usual Fed Square meeting place. Screw you 7:30am Saturday ride people!

A few people are already confirmed, but the more the merrier, really!

I’ll be riding my road bike, but fixies are welcome too (can’t believe I’m saying this on fixed.org haha) Haven’t planned any destination, so we can decide on the day, and frequent coffee stops will be a requirement. Hell, if we made it down to Mordiallic and back I’d be happy. We’ll see what the feeling of the group is on the day.

If the weather is shit we can all ride into the city to some warm cafe.

See you all there kidz!

Cheers, Horatio

sorry dude, i’ll be out killing myself on the hills around broadford…

No worries. Have fun at the Northern Combine thing.

So at this stage Blakey, Mckenny and Liam are in.
Damoh has a ‘cold’ but I told him to HTFU and come along anyway! :lol:
We might even have a cameo from the elusive Steve OMG!

Happy Independence day mate!

Hey thanks lats!
Pity you’re not in Aus, otherwise you could come too. Have you been out on your 8-speed Dura Ace much?

Get your arse out of gear and make an effort to come on a saturday.

haha finally get a response! :mrgreen:

I hate riding bikes, but I wouldn’t miss your birthday for anything.

Thanks, and I hope you’re not joking because I’ll be expecting you! :evil:

And just general note about the ride- initially I was thinking of riding a decent distance, but now the plan is for just a cruisey coffee ride, only a short distance.

So everyone’s welcome- even those on uncomfortable pursuit frames, NJS builds and Potatoes.

Suspect i’ll be by for a brew and a spin…

[quote="hjb1000 "]

Thanks, and I hope you’re not joking because I’ll be expecting you![/quote]

I don’t joke Horatio. Ever. My friends call me Wayne Jarvis.

nikcee and ianhuman- glad to hear you’ll both be coming :slight_smile:

Just an update- the ride will go ahead if it’s raining or not.

If the wheather is really shit we can all escape into a warm cafe or something.

Hey great ride down to Mordialloc and back today guys!

Special shout out to Mckenny for possibly the shortest appearance of all time haha! Just kidding thanks for coming I know you had to work. And beautiful bike man!

saw you guys crossing sydney and reynard. the cops were right behind you. looked like it was going to end in a no-bell clampdown…

oi, i outlasted des and nick!

happy b,day bro,been a while since i was on fixed,missed the ride maybee next year!