Horizontal dropouts without enough room

i went to BSC to get a setup on my first bike but when i went to pick it up i was told that the techy wasnt able to put on the chain cos she coudlnt tighten it. This was due to there not being enough room in the drop outs. What is the best method for making some space?


Maybe try a different chain ring / cog combo? Or one of those bottom brackets which you can adjust chain tension with. It looks like there is a bit of room in the drop out which you could file out, but I don’t know if that’s the best idea if its a good frame.

a drill and a file.

defiantly not a good frame. I tried one of those electric file things, it broke after a bit, but ill just buy a few more tips i think. Thanks, just need confirmation

halflink it up. stay away from the file if you don’t need it. i’d do it on track dropouts, but not on those, too much stress on the metal

any more info on the old half link? should your old lbs do this?
cheers LAM

looks like this

you can but ask at your LBS, obviously BSC don’t know shit, so try somewhere else? basically it allows you to move the axle 1/4" or shorten the chain by only one link, instead of two.
and if it’s your only ride, it’s your best ride, so no point making it worse then it is hey.

ok well ill drop into fitzroy cycles then see if they can help otherwise might have to make a trip

if its a 3/32" chain then you might have to stick to road shops… but if you have a 1/8" setup a bmx shop (or a bike shop that has a reasonable bmx stock) should be able to help as well.

Those dropouts bridge the era of semi horizontal to vertical.

There’s no problem filing/grinding those out, and it’s easy because you have the dropout shape to help you (were you good at colouring within the lines as a child?)
A dremel with a grinding burr is much more effective at removing metal than a grinding stone. Or use a round file and some patience.

This is what the framebuilder would have done if he wanted the axle adjustment.

Dan at Shifterbikes should still have some. I got a 3/32 one from him last year.


i’ve got the drill onto it, nearly done but i think ill need a file. Ill post some more pics of progress

does that photo look a bit Escher?

Agree with Blakey - you have a fair bit of meat there you could file back
(don’t forget to do the same with the other dropout…hehehehehe :evil:)

why did you focus on the back dropout? does my head in.

file that bugger out.

yea i had the auto focus on and that wouldnt get either so i just used manual and for some reason it couldnt get the front one either. in the end i just wanted to get it done, and i did, borrowed a mates angle grinder. and now the bike is finished http://fixed.org.au/forums/index.php/topic,6051.0.html

cheers for the help