Hot Alcaline Dipping? (new topic same thread)

Anyone know much/anything about it? Looks like it’ll remove 2 pac.

Who’s good in Brisbane?

not sure about 2-pac :wink:

depends on the condition of the paint… has it blistred etc, or is it fresh(ish)?

Spoke to a place that will do a ‘hot alkaline’ dipping.
Won’t damage the frame at all and is only going to eat paint.

Apparantly they heat the fluid up to 80 degrees. It’ll cost $30.


Anyone had it done to one of their frames before?

No, but i’d imagine it’d be similar to acid dipping, in respects to drying the item after dipping. Make sure any internal tube crevices are completely dry before re-assembly. If not you might find nasty holes and bubbling paint, etc

best of luck if you go ahead with it, and let us know how it goes

Ask Erik next time your in the shop. Dave had his chrome tt frame done there, looks a bloody treat. Might be Unicoatings. Pm Gypo.

Dropped it off at P & J Powder Coatings at Tingalpa this morning.
I’ll send him an email and let him know there might be repeat business if things go well :mrgreen:

great link

got the frame back this morning…$33 total

It look awesome…I’ll be back with pics but needless to say I didn’t have to do anything other than fork out $33 and it looks bare as bare can be

going to give these guys another crack at a frame I picked up off EvilBay and fellow FOA member

I would suggest treating the inside of the tubes with frame saver or a cavity wax once its been dipped. The bare steel will be very prone to rusting.

cool thanks for the tip
auto supplies store??