How are B43s/DeepVs painted/coloured?

Sorry if this is a repost, couldnt find the info i was looking for.

Basically i ordered a B43 from my LBS, white rims with black spokes / black velocity flip flops Last Monday. Get the call this morning, wheels are in, sweet! I go to pick it up, and i notice

  • a very glossy white finish
  • looks like a powder coat finish
  • some parts of edges look like they wernt painted properly, as you can see bits of the raw rim underneath kinda freckled near the edges

Comparing to my black Velocity DeepV i had, it looked like it was anodized matte black?

So my question is, how are they painted? Ive read some are anodized, but are the other colours then powder coated? Is there another technique?

I told my LBS to send it back, as i wasnt happy paying for a brand new wheel in that condition.

I’d appreciate any comments.

cheers jase

Member GOOSE works at Velocity, so might be able to answer some of your questions.

My understanding is that some finishes are anodised, such as black. Whereas a white finish would need to be powdercoated, as you can’t anodise white.

Powdercoating can be messy, which might explain the flaws you mention.

Post a pic of the rim

cheers for the quick response hjb :wink:

yeh, defintiely does explain why some sections of the outer edge looked like they wernt sprayed properly before being cured.

as for a pic, i dont have one :frowning:

As soon as they gave me the wheel, i gave it a quick spin and took the plastic of the edges to inspect the surface. I saw the defects and told the guy straight away, he goes ‘yep no worries, we’ll send it back’

so another 2 weeks i guess, and my white zaffiros arrive tomorrow :cry:

Just bear in mind that because the rim is probably powdercoated, it will always have slight flaws from painting/hanging/baking/general handling.

Yeh, im starting to think i shouldve just gone with a black one instead. Ill see what the shop owner says tomorrow, if i can, i might just go black anodised as i really like the finish of my DeepV i sold.

spoke to the store owner this morning, his gonna return them, hopefully ill get a better set :expressionless:

anyone had such issues with white DeepVs, hows the powder coat holding up? was the coating even? etc?

cheers jase

My red anodised deep v’s had a few imperfections in them, but not enough to worry about.
My current silver aeroheads had excessive burs where the spoke holes were drilled.

Their quality control doesnt seem to be that great, but most of the time its not going to cause any dramas to your riding.

Jase -

Velocity sell factory 2nds (rims with cosmetic defects) to some bike shops in the know. If rims don’t pass quality control aesthetically, they mark em down.

Make sure your LBS hasn’t tried a sneaky on you - selling you 2nds when infact you prolly paid the full whack?!

I’ve got sets like that in the past, with slight blemishes but nothing to gawdy - much like what you’ve described.

If your shops done this to you, they could be making up to an extra $30-50 PER RIM off you!

Ten, cheers for that.

Im aware that velocity sells ‘2nds’ as the guy from Ideal Cycles told me about em. I was gonna buy them from Ideal Cycles but he kept saying he would use Kazane hubs, from what ive read they’re on par with Novatecs, while Velocity and Formula are a step above. So i decidied to look around a little more.

I dont think this LBS knew about the 2nds, cos they are more of a chain store than an independant. So they get the wheel all built straight from Velocity ( or local supplier )

Didnt want to risk buying wheels over seas as i didnt want to create more problems if something like this happened.

So out of the LBS around me, this one place was always happy to reduce the price on anything i’d buy. Kept on going back, so kinda decided i’ll pay a small premium for the service.

Think he said retail was $350 for a B43 rear, white, Velocity Flip Flop black, black spokes. I got it for $250. I think its a fair price, considering a set from ebay is about $400 for a set?

Anyway, the rep came in today and had a look.

Im getting a completely new wheel coming in. So im happy.

Will keep you boys posted.