How Can I Build This?

Sram road doesn’t work with a triple. Sram front mtb mechs don’t play that well with road shifters. Sram road shifters pull a touch more cable than older road levers so either get avid shorty ultimates or current shimano cx cantis

Was only going to run 2 rings + guard on a triple set. Looking for a 42-46ish big and 28-32 small, beggers cant be choosers though

Didnt know the SRAM mtb fronts were different pull. I have a spare force FD I can use, just not sure how it will go with the smaller rings, otherwise maybe a shimano mtb front will work?

I thought they were cross compatible too like 10sp rear Sram but had no end of problems.

A cx70 mech with Sram 10 shakes is shifting a 46/30 aok now, better than force and better than 9sp lx. Shimano road and mtn front pull is different, can’t recall how close either is to Sram road pull

Thanks for the tips :slight_smile:

You running the Sugino 46/30?

Have acquired the following, pics to come when i have time to go through it all

55cm TT frameset w seatpost & wheels
Avid Shortys F&R
Sugino 130/74bcd triple crankset, w 52/42/30 rings

Have in the parts cupboard
M520 pedals
46t 130bcd ring

So well on the way, just need to do some measuring up before I commit to a quill stem and look at acquiring the remaining stuff


This is all i have so far. Will get some proper pics when i have some time. Quickly threw the RD and rear cantis on while i cooled down a bit after a trainer session the other night. Will get a bit further by the weekend

Also got hold of a set of FSA MTB triples (104/64) w BB and eggbeaters still on em for $30, ill probs run with those. Use the 44t outer and run a 28 or 30t inner instead of the road triples. See how it goes.

thats nice man…i like the look of that frame too.

how thick are those tyres?

ive got a an older Deore LX (m531) FD if your interested , its a 3 x 9. Just pay postage.

They are 2.1’s, came w the bike and are totally f’ed. Rear has a hole in the sidewall

Thanks mate, think im sorted for now, will hit you up if the Force FD fails miserably

Since there isnt really any help reqd anymore…

Build thread here