How competitive is Lance going to be?

What are peoples thoughts on how competitive Lance will be on his return? The guy is training like an animal, and looks as fit as he’s always been, however there must be a point where age is going to factor in. He’s what, 37? Any Le Tour geeks know what the average age is etc of winners? Is this a token comeback because he wants to still compete, or is this guy coming back to re-dominate? For Le Tour will Astana be backing to get him up front, or what’s the team priority for line honours?


Is anyone going to watch the tour down under next year? Has Lance confirmed he is racing?

I reckon he’ll be a contender. Astana are still sorta kinda hinting at contador for lead rider but they could be foxing. We wait with interest.

My money is on an Astana repeat of CSC tactics.

Several GC-contenders and then just figure out who the main man during the 3 weeks based on form and race progression.

So replace Schleck-Schleck-Sastre with Armstrong-Contador-Leipheimer.

Having 3 GC contenders in your team is all the rage at the moment…


His priority is apparently The Giro because he’s never ridden it and he’ll be no. 2 to Contador at The Tour. We’ll see.

Yeah it is interesing, maybe he realises that cycling is bigger than him and the Tour.
I cant imagine he would come back unless he plans to dominate, has he indicated or has anyone heard anything of the length of his contract, is it just a year or…

he will crush them like sardines.

he has the best team all PAID to work for him.

Yaraslav is riding for him too - another kick in the guts for Cadel. He’ll probably have a blinder of a year with Astana.

it’s still 21 days and a lot can happen to anyone no matter how fit. That’s why its the most ‘beautiful race’ in the world!

hurry up and let july roll around again.


I just wonder if it’s a Michael Jordan style comeback… That he competes, does ok, has too many injuries and then disappears.

Having said that, the guy is incredible - If you haven’t already, check out his Twitter feed:

It’s quite incredible following his daily progress - Not a single hour goes by where he isn’t working. Amazing.


I’m getting in early on the Sports betting for this one !