How did you welcome winter?

I went for a surf at dawn. Thigh-high peelers and a couple of hours of my favourite break all to myself. Mrs Mac’s pepper steak pie and a Dare iced coffee for the drive home. What a rolled gold morning :smiley:

Breakfast of champions! Sounds like a sweet morning.

Like i have for the last 20 years, lied in bed not wanting to get up because its too cold, then make a mad dash to the shower, where the not wanting to get out occured again.

howled at the fucking moon.

Saw something magical.

Rode my fiksay to work… And did a skid.


stayed up past midnight cos of thursday night training. then rode the upfield bike path to work.

Fired up the oxy torch early and had a hot spicy lamb and spinach pie from the bakery for lunch

I fuckin love winter, truffle season incoming

Woke up with a cold. snuffles.

dozed for 20 minutes not wanting to get up.
rode to work enjoying the briskness and the blue skies.
chatted to k o on the corner of queensberry and berkeley st for 20 minutes.
did a sweet skid on the corner of my office.

days been downhill ever since really.

'cept for talkin to duggan on gmail chat, that’s always fun. hi duggan wave

Also left my iPhone at home… no instagram lolz.

Bought a new set of wheels for my OnOne Inbred… I now have angry bee hubs! Yeaaaah Hopes!

As i have most mornings lately i got up early and lit the fire. Sat in front of it for a while and then started my day.

Sacrificed a virgin.

Rode my Ken to work in my jeans and loved every minute. Particularly as Mat Gray wasn’t on the ride and I could ride at less than 45 km/h.

Double Cheesburger & 2 schooners at the Abercrombie Hotel.

as an official home a homeowner after settlement yeterday.

Ordered some prescription sunnies. I’ve always wanted prescription sunnies.

Guaranteed cloudy winter coming everyone’s way.

My girlfriend got out of bed at 5:45am to go to an exercise class with my sister, I took advantage of the bed to myself and stayed there until 6:50am before I decided I better get up and going.
I rode into work and decided to not wear gloves as I assumed the cold air would act as an ice pack on my jarred thumb and finger. It didn’t work, so I put gloves on.
I got to work, had some cereal for breakfast and then went into a meeting where I named and shamed a guy for being a douche bag and then doing so created more work for me.
I am now in a silent protest (aka lazy Friday) and spending time on VWVortex because the How To threads blend well with the rest of my work!

Freezed my balls off coughing and spluttering my way to mordi and back this morning.

Although fresh, it was a brilliant morning for a ride.