How do you define profanity? (dedicated to Dylan)

I don’t care much about words and don’t find them at all offensive. I think the world would be a better place if we had a Tourette’s day once a week. OTOH Politics, abuse of people, wars, ignorance etc get me really angry very quickly. And those fvckin’ cvnts in cars who block the bike lanes should be slain with an axe up their arse.

What do you swear at? What’s your favourite swear word?

Pics for Dylan: yes, it lives in Sydney and has made new friends.

Asshat/Arsehat. I like this one a lot. I feel it’s very expressive, while surprising the recipient. Effective yet not overly profane.

  • Joel

I find myself using the F or C words for fun more than being out of anger, i find it helps express your emotion of something being really good/bad all the more effective


Thats a great a bike or Thats a fuckkin great bike

Profanity is anything I won’t say in front of my mum.


I don’t like swearing at drivers because they obviously have a massive advantage (ie. a tonne) but if im super pissed I will point at the sky with my middle finger in their direction.

+1, or kids.

My mum gets annoyed and kid’s mums get annoyed.

Fucktard gets yelled a motorists a lot.



And my fav is “fucktard”

my favourite is fuck knuckle.

Cock smoker. Get a dog up ya.

Anything you wouldn’t say around kids or old ladies. Otherwise, go for fucking broke!

Profanity is just about anything my mum says after a bottle of sherry.

One I never use, but get a solid lol out of every time I hear someone say it, is “knob jockey”

Such hilarious imagery.

this is truth.

And, we mustn’t forget the timeless Goosefaggot.

Spirito, where was the FUCKBIKE when you took a photo of it?

Swaring dosnt really bother me, but my Mum hates it so much I keep it to a minimum around her or in professional environments.

Fave word would be “bellend” because it really isnt that bad and its kinda funny. If I’m really pissed off F and C will come into play.

I just realised I swore on the internet in my last post. And I started a swear jar this morning, only so I can get rich with the contents.
I don’t know how much to put in for each word though. How much should “motherfucking” be? $1?