How far does everyone commute to work/uni everyday?

Hey guys, just wondering how far your commutes are? Mine is like 7km from Prahran to Melbuni . . . just wanted to see how it compares to everyone else’s.

Mine is about 40K each way on the roadie… If I ride fiXed, I head to the Station and then ride from the City to Preston (about 6k to the Station then 12k to the shop)…

3km to uni, 4km to work. Life is hard.

im 13km maribyrnong to port melbourne

3km from home to station, then hr long train trip, and another 3km direct from SC station to work.

i normally get off at either footscray (dry day) or north melb (wet) to get a bit more distance on the bike.

8 / 15 / 35kms each way to / from work, depending on training I’m doing for the day. Can be either fixed or roadie for any of those distances.


6.3kms, Ascot Vale to Docklands.

10.6k’s each way, fixed.

10kms. Northcote to Port Melbourne - and am running into more and more folks on the way as well, got a feeling I cross a lot of other peoples commute routes.

Rosanna to Kew, Monday to Friday for school, roughly 8km each way - fixed and then Rosanna to Thornbury for work on Saturdays, 7.5km each way - fixed.

10 k each way but often detour out and about to do more miles. Always try and fit some motorpacing in the morning run too. :evil:

66 return


either 4 km fixed each way to the station or 26km each way on the roadie.

12km roundtrip to uni

approx. 22km return - fixed. chapel hill to west end via city.

9.3km each way, the 'Burg to Southbank. Usually takes 30mins from my back gate to my desk. Fixed of course.

Nth Carlton to Moonee Ponds and back. Fixed, great ride, flat with only a hill past the racecourse of no real note.

50k-60k round trip commute on the fixed gear bicycle, distance depends a little on route, mood and if I have errands to do on the way.

5.6km round trip. That is why all the toughest fixed riders (like me) live in Fixtroy.