How far is too far

with rust…

I’m looking at 90-S PINARELLO STELVIO DEDACCIA KENS STEEL FRAMESET 54 - eBay Bicycles Frames, Cycling, Outdoor Sports, Sporting Goods. (end time 07-Aug-10 17:43:01 AEST) on ebay and I quite like the look of it, but there are two big rusty patches on the old fella.

If I were to try to get rid of the rust, would it be possible? and if so, expensive?

Rust on the top tube looks like it is on the tubing as well as the braze-on. But the BB rust looks like it’s just on the lug. I’d buy it, but I’d bid with the possibility that I might need to get a tube replaced if its really rat shit under the paint on that top tube.

any idea how much replacing a tube would cost?

Ask the dude taking apart a repco frame with a mapp torch. He’d probably do it for practice.

imo, fuck that shit. unless it goes hella cheap, no point buying an expensive frame, getting it shipped expensively then having to get it fixed expensively.
replacing a tube = ruining that paintjob = getting the whole thing resprayed = at least another $300
how did this bike remain so immaculate in general and then get rusty as fuck in two little spots?

you’ll find something else in better condition for cheaper than what it’ll cost.

It’s from Austria, it was left too close to the Diethylene Glycol (aka brake fluid.) 1985 diethylene glycol wine scandal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

And what’s up with the OS Engines sticker on the top tube? Perhaps it’s hiding more damage?

It’s got some unusual patterns for rust areas … either sweat from being on a trainer on the top and head tube or it wasn’t rinsed/cleaned properly before/after chroming and it’s rusting beneath the chrome (ie behind BB area). I don’t think it’s that bad but I wouldn’t like to guess what else you may find.

Chrome plating and Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief

Can of worms. Buy a less fancy marque WITHOUT rust. Stupid to ship a piece of rusted steel across the world.
Get over the fancy Pinarello brand just sayin

Cyclomondo sells decals for $20.00…

Yeh, if it was just down the road and went for cheap, sure. Getting it shipped from Austria, nope.