How Fast?

I rode up Lake Mountain yesterday and on the way down I was disappointed with a top speed of 75km/h. I was sure it was steep enough to crack 80km/h at least. But I hadn’t ridden it before so I wasn’t taking too many risks, so maybe next time I’ll do better.

Riding under your own power, unassisted except by gravity…what’s your best ever top speed out on the road?

My top speed was years ago somewhere in Warrandyte. I remember feeling amazed at the time at how fun and unscary it was. Although, I’ve always loved going down hills fast. Even so, I’m still a bit amazed I reached 96.5km/h. I’ve been past 80 plenty of times since but never found another road steep and long enough to get near to 100 again.

85kmh on Foote st on the Tour de Burbs. I remember thinking, “Sheesh, this feels especially fast…”, only to look down and see the figure. Shat bricks.

i don’t know if it’s my top ever speed, but i hit 85.3kph yesterday, on one of mr fyxomatosis’ secret roads. i wasn’t even pedalling. i was, however, stoked.

On a 48*17 i got to 67.1 coming into Eden, just pulled up in time for the intersection

I’ve lost my bike comp but when I had it I managed 54km/h on 46/18 gearing before it started getting a bit too wobbly.
On the roadie I’ve hit at least 70 something

Fixed: 70km/hr @ 44/17 - Joyride 2010

Road: Can’t remember, haven’t ridden decent hills on the roadie in a long time.

the only thing i have to measure speed is the cyclemeter app on the iphone, which i doubt is very accurate. but anyway, it said 68km/h coming down mt dandenong into ferntree gully. 48/17 gearing.

fixed:65 on 44/16 that was fast enough for me and my knees

did it on this track from toobah st down hill untill the track ends at the power line towers…
ferntree gully road - Google Maps

only just pulled up before it ended

Fixed - not too sure, nothing overly fast on my 46-18 gearing.

Roadie - Like HMC, mine was also on Foote St during the Tour de Burbs, hit about 81km/hr. And had heavy-set guys flying past me like I was standing still.

Matty Bowen claimed that if you didn’t get triple figures on that hill you weren’t trying. I am too scared to try.

Got chased by a dog when I was a kid riding my BMX. Fastest I’ve ever been. Will never be that fast again.

I’ve tried and chickened out in the low-mid 80s. I believe it’s the fastest I’ve been, the most fun was coming down from kinglake to whittlesea. similar speeds but on my old cross bike and i could enjoy the ride more at speed.

845.4 kph apparently - but that’s according to a massivly unreliable Knog NERD.
HMC, have also looked down to see 80 something while going down foote street and also shat bricks.

My Garmin reckons I’ve done 5,283.3km/h. But I think I’d remember that.

I hear you can get a bit of speed wobble up around those numbers.

I heard if you get past 88 you may actually go back in time.

57kph fixed down the road parallel to spit road, 45-17 gearing, not really in control of things at that speed and cadence

85-90 a few times on the roadie… i’m looking forward to breaking the 100 mark
after running out of gears in the waterfall bunch sprint at 70kph ( still managed to finish first )i got a 11-25 cassette for my extralite wheelset
should help in the pursuit of more speed

I got to about 65 recently on my fixed bike coming down that massive hill in richmond/collingwood. My cadence would have been a world record.

stoked / sh1tting ones self.

Now you can say you have HEARD of it.

My speedo said 87kph from a rolling start.

You could crack 100 if you hit it at speed no problem.

wait till the dog is bigger and angrier. you’ll go faster.