How good is sugar?

GH and I got Dr Pepper and Cherry coke respectively today after lunch.

How good is sugar?!

Dr Pepper/Cherry Coke = cough medicine taste…yuck!

Look for Green Creamy Soda…that shit is the bomb!

The south african one? Is quite good.

you must’ve had a fair bit to start a thread about sugar…?!

one is enough!

In a can? Really? Wow.

100 plus, that stuff is like crack.


the Chinese shop behind my office sells the 1.5L bottles for $3.95, I’m not an addict it’s cool I feel alive.

Sugar Ros.

PS. I need to pick up some Dr Pepper for that Sailor Jerry drink. Don’t I Rolly? DON’T I!!!?

This is actually one of my favorite drinks, the first two ingredients are both sugar…
Plus the english on the front is amazing

Looked so bad at work after last night’s crit that someone brought me caramel slice with my coffee. I FELT AMAZING. For like, an hour, then I went back to feeling rubbish again.

yes Liam.

im referring to the hong kong ones usually stocked at your local asian supermarket

Garran IGA sell the 2L bottles mate. I’m pretty sure Costco sell the Cherry Coke as well.

although nothing beats post mix coke from maccas

Na, I drink it out of a bottle, then realise I can’t afford to do that for long, so switch to Carlton Draught once I reach the point of not caring (3 beers in generally)