How many Adelaide cyclists were yelled at today?

Call to identify cyclists to track those who run red lights, endangering other road users | adelaidenow

I’m sure this incited some rage from motorists on a slow news day.

Fucking register and insure everyone!

Nah, I sometimes get quizzical looks from motorists at 5.30 in the morning when I stop at a red light alongside them and we are waiting for nothing. They kinda look at me like what are you waiting for? I only run one red occasionally and thats because I’m the only one for 1k in all 4 directions. I test ride , belt up and down my street quite often, brakeless, no helmet, no lights, and stop to have a chat with a cop who lives 5 doors up. He’snever told me off, and he is a cycle cop.

i dont really ever see any of these things that people bang on about on adelaidenow

maybe it only happens in the middle of the city

Oh sick n tired of bikes of Adelaide. You is one crazy cat.

I should’ve mentioned it’s best to not actually read the comments.

How the fuck are those idiots even on the road in the first place?

Weeties/CornFlakes/insert popular breakfast cereal here Issued Licences…

Hmm. Pretty sure the last time I ran a red light I got a $220 fine. The cops looked at my drivers licence and took down a description of my bike. They even chased me for a bit. Now I’ve never done it in a car, but I imagine the process is much the same.

The funny thing about this article (before you even get to the comments) is the photo is ridiculous. The girl has ridden through either an amber light and it’s just turned red OR (and this is more likely), she rode through the intersection web the light was green going 10k’s an hour and the light changed on her. She’s not smashing it through a red taking out little old ladies and babies in prams.


Just paid my bicycle red light fine from 6 months ago, it was originally a $108 fine but I persuaded the cop to make it almost $800.

Rego plates wouldn’t be ALL bad…