How many balls ....................

… should I have in a Campy Track Headset??

They are small, 4mm, loose and when I re-pack it I am about 4 short in each race of the standard “fill then remove one” count.

Is this usual? And, no I haven’t dropped them!

Did you wash them in hot water and they shrunk?

I have no idea sorry :smiley:

Normally it’s cold water that does the shrinking.

Hah! Good call!

Cold or hot no matter … apparently the track version always had the small balls!

Too technical for me … unless I learn otherwise I will reassemble with the “fill minus one” count … no idea why there is so much ball space as disassembled??

I’ve just looked at a couple of new Campy headset races…and they were full???

Are they meant to be caged?
A cage would take up some of the room by keeping them ever so slightly apart!

Caged caged caged caged.

Yes, the ones I looked at were caged

The Campy Pista, track, headset … which is what I got, I think … has 5/32 ball that were always loose packed as best I can find out. Manufacture ceased some time back and this frame is early 80s? The BB is not caged, dunno just when caging became the thing to do?

So, I am reassembling with 24 top and bottom, loose, rather than the 20 that came out, which just doesn’t look right.

It’s on the Gefsco, been re-chromed & painted, watch this spot for pics!!