how many bikes

in reading the parts of sale, it was mentioned that 8 bikes is enough, it possibly is, but we are not all into bikes just because they are practical, they are a passion and an interest,
I was just thinking we could establish just how many working bikes we all have and maybe average this out to see what generally is actually enough!
just for something to do?


I have four working bikes.

In order of main usage:

  1. Ken Self Track Bike
  2. Jamis Durango SX Mountain Bike
  3. Vintage Gitane Road Bike (currently singlespeed)
  4. Absolute shitbox BMX (for runs up to the bakery)

We’ve got 11 bikes in various condition at our place, between two of us.

6 bikes

  1. Fixed commuter roady
  2. Shiny new roady
  3. TT roady
  4. Loaner mountainbike
    5 Training Roady
  5. Track bike (sadly neglected at the moment)

4&1/2…5 once Dan builds me another set of wheels.

In order of recent usage (most to least)

‘Nice’ fixed roadie
‘Wet day’ roadie
‘Dry Day" roadie
‘Nasty’ fixed pub/shops roadie
Hardtail MTB
Plus the kids’ bikes (2 kids, three bikes)

Working Bikes (mine)

  1. Tommasini Road Bike
  2. OZ Track Bike
  3. Hoffy Track Bike (commuter)
  4. 531 Unnamed Touring bike
  5. Peugeot road Bike (about to go on evil bay)
  6. Malvern Star Opperman Special Road Bike (superbe pro groupo)
    Working Bikes (Elkes)
  7. Avanti Mountain Bike (commuter)
  8. Road Bike (superbe Pro groupo)
    Project Bikes (will be working bikes)
  9. Dads first ever 3 speed
  10. Hoffy Road Bike (1970’s superbe Groupo)
  11. GT mountain bike to become single speed.

Bike I really want - Posty Bike for going to the corner store!!

2 will do for now+ enough parts to build A new setup every time i get lonley, mmm bike lego.

1 Ventana El Comandante SS 29er (aluminium)
1 Zion 737 geared 29er (steel)
1 Colnago Master Olympic roadie (steel)
1 Van Werkhoven track bike (steel)

2 shitbox BMX’s
2 MTB’s

Shitbox old ladies bike

Mondonico Fixed conversion
Unnamed Reynolds 853 Touring/Cross currently geared but frequently changes to fixed(Surly dingle for on/offroad)
Jamis Dragon Reynolds 853 hardtail (for when I get serious)
Diamond back fully rigid SS MTB (my first MTB, can’t part with it)
3/4 of a Kypo roadbike, old school look but with new Dura Ace with downtube shifters etc.

20" diamond back 7spd MTB,
20"reconditioned BMX
12" + tricycle (fixed) for the little one

Other BMX bits waiting to be reborn

SS pink pub bike

Total = 10 + bits for 1 more

keep it coming all

hillman track
jj special track
healing track/street/pub
kypo rd
perkins rd
cecil walker rd
kenevans rd

missus blucher & slowgun
=9 household

the average here is just getting higher and higher!

Hillbrick Pista Track Bike
Hillbrick fixed for road
Malvern Star ‘Double XX’ fixed road
Frezoni with Campag Record road
Trek 820 geared Tourer
GT Peace 9R SS (for sale)

2’Kids’ and a wife with not so much as a wheel between them !!!



1 Garage, 6 Complete Bikes, 2 Road Frames (with enough parts for 3) O Cars Inside!!!

Me - Specialized Downhill Rig
Langster SS/fixie
Pub/Trick BMX (not in that order)
Cannondale Roadie
Unnamed steel roadie frame
Wheeler roadie frame + numerous wheelsets.

Mum/Dad - 2X GT MTB’s

Girlfriend - 1X Raleigh MTB


only have 1 - a Hillman track commuter

(but must confess to owning 4 surfboards)

Me too, I’d love a postie bike for my 2nd! No ‘special’ shoes needed, and a shopping rack :smiley:

  1. Da Pug

The question was “…how many working bikes…” so I therefore I must eliminate the other 4 semi/need repair/need more parts/don’t use in the city bikes.

P.s. Sorry to drop the average!!!

umm, 8. maybe more.
soon to be at least nine or ten.

  1. redline 9.2.5. fixed work bike (my regular work bike since i cracked the yellow peril)
  2. vintage red frame fixed work bike (my other regular wrk bike except it feels flimsy after the yellow one or the redline)
  3. lugged yellow fixed work bike (with a cracked frame maybe)
  4. trance 2 duallie mountain bike (upgraded to somewhere above a 1)
  5. trance 3 duallie mountain bike (upgraded to around a 2, maybe a 1, usually ridden by brooke)
  6. crx flatbar roadie (actually i got this for brooke but she hasn’t ridden it since i built her her first fixie)
  7. kojima trash pub bike
  8. brookes shogun fixie (which has all my parts on her frame, so it’s mine!)
  9. brookes new fixie with the frame we got of carlo (just need to finish wheels)
  10. merida carbon roadie (105 except where it’s durace or ultegra)
    and assorted junk stuff.
    i don’t have a shed, all this shit lives on my balcony at the moment, and in my lounge room at the new place next week…
    no cars either.
    the curse of working in a bike and getting paid in parts more than money :roll:

and i think i just pumped the average back up again.

1 track bike

2 24" bmx

3 20" step-through with 100mm cranks


  1. fixed Hillman (roadie conversion)
  2. fixed Ricardo (older roadie conversion)
  3. Norco BMX
  4. clown bike (very small, solid wheels)
  5. Unicycle (I can’t ride it for sh!t)
  6. GT mtb on loan to a friend
  7. Dragster bike

Other half’s
8. SS Ricardo roadie
9. Diamondback BMX

Maybe we should have a “bikes come and gone” thread? :wink:
That would probably get some longest posts happening! Especially if childhood bicycles are included!

scapin (genius) roadie with new bits
hillman (531) road fixed
bob jackson (631) with rohloff tourer
kenevans (653) campy vintage roadie

klein quauntum (a long way pre-trek) w. 600
miyata road fixed
takara mixte singlespeed

love em all.
used to think i’d be a columbus man, but have turned out reynolds.

geez im getting all sentimental about all the bikes i have ever owned but will keep to the subject and just list the current ones:

  1. Bianchi 928L (the race and main training bike)
  2. Colnago C40 (training and TT bike)
  3. Surly Cross Check (kitted out as a cyclocross bike for when i was in Vancouver)
  4. KHS Flite 100 (pursuit framed fixie 48-16)

Obviously on the wish list is a proper track bike and a mountain bike to have a crack at a 24 hour enduro.

No car for 4 years now!