how much does a bike messenger make?

i’ve alway wondered how much money the average bike messenger make in a day or a month?

Usually about $97-$234 per day, and $1340-$1890 per month.

not enough

$20 a month.

im assuming thats after tax.

it’s not bad if you live the parents1

You think $20 a month after tax is alright, so long as you live with your parents?

if you’re earning $1340-$1890 :slight_smile:

your maths doesn’t add up

yeh it doesnt add up.

i guess if you do 1 delivery a day you’ll earn $20 a month after tax :slight_smile:

Is that why he’s a courier? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you need to buy a new calculator.

this thread sucks.

nah man this thread is good cause i started it !

it just got a whole lot better.

^^^ + 1 million

Just buy a Crumpler and get in and out of a bunch of lifts in random buildings.

It’s easier and you don’t have to ride your bike when it rains.