How Not To Sell a Bike On Ebay

Don’t put any pictures and include a minimal description…or maybe I’m wrong, it does have a bid.

Track Frame and Fork Nervex Lugs McBain (eBay item 320678793130 end time 10-Apr-11 20:43:27 AEST) : Sport

haha, he’s also selling a recumbent with a similarly helpful description.

What does a bidder have to lose when the auction starts at 10 cents? I’m quite curious to see this “McBain”

Which has attracted three bids!

Campy dropouts!

exactly … and by bidding the buyer has locked in the title and auction description with no pics. The seller can add more info but it adds on te bottom and sometimes people too lazy to scroll down. If you’re local and you get there and it’s a piece of shit you can always walk away and cop a non-paying bidder reprimand - you’ve only wasted you’re time.

+1…these type of auctions are for locals who can inspect and grab a rediculous bargain, maybe make an offer on the spot.

yeah !!

haha yehh, i work in spreadsheet and access dBs all day, so i suck at spelling…why cant forums have spell check ? =P

I’m not a super speller either … :slight_smile:

I guess no spell check on forums because hardly any messages would get through otherwise <shrugs>

yeah, all good if you live in FAR NORTH NSW.

Be closer for the Gold Coast guys.

I have sent him a pm i was going to go check it out.
No answer yet. mmmm

Photos are now up pretty wrecked this is what the salt air does to bikes, oh and im winning the bidding couldn’t help myself.

Wow, a Maxwell. That’s pre-McBain…kind of. Australian Cycling Forums • View topic - Late 1930s Maxwell from Tassie

I want that recumbent, will someone be able to pick up and send?