How often do you do it?

Was chatting to Rhino yesterday (Happy Birthday mate), and he gave me a nudge to post here, been meaning to for a while.

I’m always surprised to see people as stupid as me to ride fixed off road. So who does it and how often?

I commute on a fixed MTB but have had many lapses of sanity and ridden off-road. Mainly if I think a ride will be too easy or I need an excuse to ‘take it easy’ in a race.

I’ve raced the Deluxe crits a few times, the FGP crits and the 05 SS nats. It’s getting a lot easier but my legs are still accumulating scars.

As for a pic, this is all I have right now, some hardcore Fixie on Fixie action:


I’ve never raced fixed, well, I’ve never raced at all actually. But I do ride fixed out through the Yarra Bend quite a bit, on the track bike mostly, but sometimes I remember that is probably not the best way to treat it and pull out the mtb.