How small do 144bcd rings go?

I’m looking at getting some new cranks. I want to run a 1/8 ring to match the rest of the drive chain and I want 165mm cranks. This leads me to think I should get some track cranks (144bcd) but I’m concerned that the minimum size ring is too big (appears to be 44t). I’m running 42x18 at the moment because of achilles problems and was even considering going down to a 40. Is this possible?
I assume that smaller rings wouldn’t be that popular with tracksters so I wasn’t sure if I wasn’t looking hard enough or whether I’m shit outa luck.

Are 130bcd 1/8 rings common?

42t is normal smallest, 41t is very rare, nothing smaller will fit 144

Made to order at


John used to run 41T on his Dura Ace cranks. At that size the chain was basically touching the spider edge.


I run a 42 but not in 1/8. They are hard to find in that size. But I’ve found running a 3/36 front with a 1/8 rear and chain is fine provided your chainline is dead straight.

I don’t recommend if its not dead straight!!

I run 42T on 144BCD…1/8…bloody sexy.

I somehow foolishly read that cycle underground does 42T in 144
I’m still trying to track down a 42T 144BCD 1/8" chainring.
vee_dub: where did you get yours?
anyone know of brands that make them? 43 or 44 is the smallest I’ve found so far. Harris no longer stock the 42T sugino ring. I’d consider 43 at a stretch but I’m running out of drop out so I’d rather not if I can avoid it. That said, my 130mm spider is so eccentric that the chain goes from pretty tight to freakin loose.

I got one from cycle underground. It looks great. They cut it and posted it the same day and it arrived the next. It could not possibly have been any easier. I highly recommend these guys and will definitely be buying stuff of them in the future.

It’s cool to see more people jumping on the “Johnny B is a cool guy” Bandwagon :smiley:

another happy cycle underground customer here.