How strong are the wheels on the Kona paddy wagon?

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For reference:

How strong are these wheels? I’m 85-90kg and am looking at it as a commuter (thanks to spud for the tip). Not that I’m hard on my wheels, but there are times where dropping off a gutter is handy… any suggestions as to if this is something that I shouldn’t do on those wheels?


very similar to the ones i got with my surly.
i’m using them for work at the moment with a freewheel.
i’m a big fat fucker at about 100kg, but i’m reasonably light on the bike.
one month in and the wheels are fine.
8 hours a day of hacking off gutters and riding down steps and they are holding up really well.

i’d say go for it. if it all goes horribly wrong, get a set of wheels built up, the rest of the bike is worth it.

What’s not to like, I’m a hefty gent, I have a paddy wagon 07, those wheels are great for street. Formula hubs and Sun MZ14 rims. If you go SS the non machined side walls make braking interesting at first, when the annodising wears off, you’re fine. I’ve had to change the rear bearing after one winter of rain, but the i used nicer bearings and haven’t had any probs. Don’t think about it, just do it.

What’s not to like? Doh - the fact that the 56cm they have in store is the only one they could do for me… being 6’3" the 56cm is just a little too small I think… anyone seen anywhere with a 58 in store?

Failing that, anyone have opinions on


I have seen a few of those redlines around and they look nice in the flesh, however:

“Available in 6 sizes (44-56cm) center to top”

Not to good for those above the 6" 2’ marker

Ahhh yes, I’ve missed that crucial piece of information… hmmm, back to the drawing board.

Thanks to all for the responses.