How they roll in Japan

Just something a little different.

Those little wheeled bikes are fucking weird, they are evrywhere in Japan. and by big manufacturers i saw DeRosa small wheeled bikes, Gios, Bianchi.

So when are you getting one Brad???

As soon as one comes up on e-bay I guess.

Mini velos are neat. But I don’t quite see the reason why. They don’t fold, they’re not significantly smaller/lighter than 700C bikes.

There are fully tricked out ones with deep dish carbon HEDs.

Masi / Bianchi also make them. All JDM only.

There’s a Bianchi MV that’s parked on Swanston st sometimes.

I think I know what they call those wheels - Chat Potatoes

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: looks like your polo/ trials bike Paul.


You made me snort coffee out of my nose Paul.

Just out of interest (nothing to do with what Marty said) has any seen these in shops in OZ?

what brake levers are they? it says profile design, I havent seen them before, how do they work?

Imagine hooking up a gripshifter to a brake.

SMP: Mini Velos are for the Japanese market only. Either import one, or go on holidays if you really want one.

Just like the SR400 - Japan only.

Maybe Deus could get some in and charge me double what they are worth.

I really like them and I can’t work out why. I’d look stupid on one as I already make normal bikes (especially the XL MTB) look tiny.

If I were to ride one, I may as well be wearing a clown suit and carrying a stereo playing carnival music…

I thought this is how they roll in Japan

Oh snap!

Or put a picture of one on a shirt … I wonder why they didn’t go with MAMBIKE

+2 for aerochat