How to fit (soyo) long grips onto track bars?

I bought a pair of soyo long grips and they’re really stiff and difficult to roll onto the bars. Anyone have any tips or tricks to achieve this?

try warming them up in some hot water. should soften the rubber.

can put some hairspray under them to help them stick.

swoosh some water round yur mouth then spit some into the grips.

works for me.

so warm them up and then slip them on? rather than roll them on?
i’ll give that a go tonight.



do not, under any circumstances, use ky jelly, like some members of this forum have done.

But that wasn’t for the grips.

kachukkachukkakachukka :evil:

so let me get this straight.

use hot water to loosen the rubber and allow the grips to slip on to the bars.

if possible use hot water to loosen the rubber first, THEN spray hairspray inside the grips so once they’ve cooled the hairspray sticks the grip to the bar.

avoid using lube at all costs.

thats some good cliff notin’

I actually laughed.
get your mind out of the gutter :slight_smile:

i put shaving cream inside the grips and they slipped on easily. now they’ve stiffened and stuck to the bars nicely.

Shaving cream, KY jelly, hairspray… what next?! :expressionless:

Maybe mix them all together to create a ultra sticky super soyo glue…

3M contact adhesive. Best stuff slides on easy and when you wake up the next morning they’re stuck good and propper. To get em off just put a couple drops of turps under the grip and work it in until they come loose.

compressed air… blow em on

+1 for compressed air.
Same for Oury’s.

wd-40 works good.