how to install toe straps

when i got my pedals it had double toe straps on them and one strap (of the double) was twisted at least once. The other strap(s) were fucked so I pulled the good one off, sliced it into two and put one on each pedal. I’ve since ripped one of the straps twisting out of it and the other one has delaminated (the leather has come adrift from the plastic in the middle) and I imagine it’s going to die pretty soon.

Is the twist technique common or recommended? I can’t find any examples of it on the web but it would make sense since the one nylon strap I’m using seems to slip a bit sometimes which means the buckle can be in the wrong spot.

Anyone else got a twist in the straps?

i had the same problem with nylon straps slipping. So i used a couple of zip ties, small ones, to zip tie the strap in the right place from the bottom of the pedal. It works quite well and now the pedals are always ready for my hoof.

But no my straps dont twist

For my single straps (which are thinner) yes, for the doubles (which are thicker) no.

I had a problem with my leather single straps slipping out of place, with the buckle slipping either downwards towards the pedal or up towards the toe clip. I made a twist in the strap where it runs through the pedal, thus preventing the strap from slipping.

Should have put this in my previous post. For those that don’t know, you can see the twist in the strap at the front. Just one complete revolution and no problems slipping.

thanks guys