Hub ID - Bizarre LOOK rear.

WTH is this hub?

LOOK, screw on freewheel, can see an encapsulated sensor array in the DS flange, 3 pin plug on the NDS, slight ratcheting feel when spinning forwards, stronger when going backwards.

I’m guessing speed sensor, (unless it’s a bizarro ultra-ultra low output dyno to power MAVIC Zap!)

LOOK rear hub, encapsulated sensors.

LOOK Hub, inbuilt speedo?

Look MaxOne powermeter? can’t find and interwebs pic of one though.

Herriott Sports Performance: Old School Power

EDIT: Beaten to it.

Looks rubbish… I’ll give you $20 for it :wink:

Sweet-ass retro shit bro.

Perfect that blakey manages to find an appropriately beardo powermeter…

I wanna see it on the rSogn.

TDF 1989 Stage 15, LOOK Max One powermeter - YouTube

Was there a swap meet on today?

<grin> Very cool. Wonder who it was made by? Middleburn?

Amazing. Makes sense, but so small compared to current powertap hubs.

Not mine sadly. It was in a ‘free’ pile and slinky scored it.

Yep, lighter than a powertap, in 1989.

Knowing Mavic I’m sure it worked really really well :smiley: Zap anyone?

Cool score for Slinky though, be cool if you could get it working although I guess you need the head unit.