hub ideas anyone?

Well the cog arrived and it’s bloody awesome. Once again, thanks to everyone for all your support… as Lynn said, this is a community I’m very proud to be a member of (insert tear). Hopefully those pesky nerves grow so i can join you all on the road again soon.

But now I have a small problem… it would be perverse to screw such a fine sprocket onto a suzue basic hub… so i’m going to need some new hubs (and rims) good enough. Since the cog was organised by this forum, i’d like to know which hub you’d use, if you could use any available.

Initially i was thinking phil, but blakey suggested these:

they do look nice… but there are so many oprions

anyhow i have plenty of time to find them, so any wild ideas would be good!

p.s. if anyone knows how to read xrays, ct scans and mris… i have a great selection of images the hospital gave me on a cd :slight_smile:


They look pretty special mate.

Pity they don’t do a double sided fixed. That be sic.

I think a high flange hub is necessary.

If your going to go the vintage type, some campys, or those Superbes that are on Ebay at the moment.

In fact, yep, those Superbes on Ebay. They gleam as much as the cog will.

Do it!!

Shittttttttttttte. I just looked at the x-rays. Scary stuff mate.

So do you beep when you go through the gates at the airport??

not sure! i got wheeled around the back way. but the beepy wand certainly went off as the guy waved it over my arms and neck :slight_smile: Will try and snipe those superbes… hope 853 doesn’t usurp me again haha.

Shame about all those smudges isn’t it? Hmmmmm?

I really like my record and superbes but for practicality I’d probably go with Phils next time. But I wouldn’t go Phils because I’ve got some Suntour Sprints waiting for action too :slight_smile:

I like these a lot, but how may $$$s?

This one is cool. I don’t suppose you’ve got hi-res versions? :slight_smile:

If you want those Superbes, I reckon 853 et al would hold off on the bidding and their quest to corner the market on them.

Then I can pick them up and unlace the wheels and post the hubs down to you if you like.

Or you could just get the steinwerks and be the coolest kid on the block.

How about those ones made in Poland? Check some of the posts in the SS&FG forum of for a link/images.


Do a search on the fixedgeargallery forum. There was a thread recently on there about the steinworks hubs.

If I recall correctly, they’re about the same price as Phils.

Personally, if $$$ were no object, I’d go with the Phils. They’re tried and tested on the street. The steinworks are fairly new, so not quite street tested.

If $$$ is abit tighter, go for the prebuilt velocity track wheels. I’ve been using a pair for almost a year and they’re still running like the 1st day I bought them. Good value.

Dan also has a set of “soma copy” copy hubs. Look exactly like Soma hubs but without the brand name and half the price. I’m getting a set built with velocity aero rims. Also good value.


Phil with spaff bearings, easy.

ndf, those are some incredible scans…

can someone tell me more about these hubs from poland? i am going to there possibly in july for a few days, maybe i can check them out.


jesus man, if i had the $$, i’d send you a personal assistant to do your forum posts!



Maybe PM vobopl over at for some local help?


well I have a pair of Miche 36h high flange hubs, laced to mavic ma3s, coming up for sale this week. Not as special as Phils, Steinwerks or Superbes, but far far cheaper :slight_smile: And built with fine DT competition/revolution spokes.

  • Joel

Just to be different, Goldtec make nice durable hubs. Chubs always looked a bit too industrial. I use old Campag myself, very shiny when I get around to polishing them.

Nice x-rays!