I’m looking at building up some wheels for my next fixie project.
Its a street bike, but i’m wondering a few things.
Price is not really an issue.
So far i like DA high flange, and Phil hubs.
And they pretty much have to be high flange.

What are the smoothest?
What are the lightest?
What are the most durable?
What is the best hole number (28,32,36?) , or is just depend on your rims?

I know all hubs in the over $300 market are going to be nice, but im’ a bit worried about durability. Any help would be really appreciated (bias or not :wink: )

Common opinion is that Phils are indestructible, so they are the best choice for durability. But they’re heavier than DA.

Dunno if you could pick a difference between DA and Phil in terms of smoothness.

If cost wasn’t an issue I’d go the Phils over DA any day.

Get 32H wheels. Just because. Unless you’re excessively heavy the spoke count won’t matter. 32H stuff is usually easier to find. I reckon radial wheels look better with fewer spokes.

cool, i was really hoping you’d say that.
i kinda have a fetish for Phil hubs, being my name n all.
i’m about 83kg’s, thats not really considered heavy is it?

thanks very much for your help :slight_smile:

p.s. is there a importer for phil hubs or do you buy them straight from phil wood usa?

Pfffft. Is that all? :wink:

28H shouldn’t be a problem if they’re built properly.

No problem. It’s a good opportunity to live vicariously through others’ bike parts. That makes it easier for me to keep a lid on the ever expanding fleet.

do you have to import them yourself or is there an australian sitributer for the phil hubs?

How heavy you are isn’t as important as your riding style. If you’re a smooth rider you won’t be stressing out your wheels even if you’re carrying abit extra.

Anyway, I’d go with Phils over DA. Phils will be more suited to the street. The extra weight is in the centre of the wheel and doesn’t contribute much to the rotational mass (i.e you probably won’t feel it).

32 hole is good enough, although I like 36 for the extra confidence in my wheels. And yes, wheel strength is also partly in the rim.


Phils are the best for street. They cant wear out. Their seals are next-to-perfect. They look pimp. Theyre available in any size or colour.

Team CTA or Dan-o to get them. PM me if you need their contact details.

Don’t know anything about Phil hubs, but here is a distributor in the USA, get a price off He is always the cheapest, if not tell him, also ships at cost with USPS as well.