HUGE archive of Oz telly ads from the 80's onwards

Canvas Sky - YouTube

Someone saved a lot of VHS tapes!

Post your favourites!

199608_10 KFC Run Away From Home - YouTube

Remember this so well!

that one’s shocking!!

i don’t recognise many of the ads actually, maybe they were different in perth…??

i remember this one though - 199404_02 Ingham Chicken Chippees - YouTube


Mr Matey! Wow.

awesome!! haha


Snak Attack!



fuck that used to drive me insane!

Because I grew up in a house of leftist academics I wasn’t allowed to watch commercial tv until i was, like, eight. I finally nagged mum into letting me watch power rangers. When the theme song came on i got so excited, I jumped off the couch, and punched the tv with my fist, nearly breaking my hand.

Pretty sure I vindicated every suspicion mum had about commercial tv.

^^ Looks like a young Andy Rooster at 0:51*…

  • I realise he probably wasn’t born yet.

Not as bad as the kid looking out the window at the rain singing ‘hello my god’.

I had a chuckle to myself and thought that exact thing. I’m glad somebody else bought it up! Sorry Andy…

My brother in law badgered his parents for months and months to allow him to watch ‘Werewolf in London’ when he was younger.
They finally relented, and 5 minutes into it he realised he had made a huge mistake. But he sat there to prove them wrong, then proceeded to have nightmares for the next six months.

if anyone has seen a version of the Car City ad online that was used for a long time up until recently i need to know about it.
it’s the one tyhat has a man and woman talking and then the y sing the car city jingle at the end and after the singing the man goes “ow that really hurt my throat”.

this historical document is of personal meaning to me.

Sexy Legs Sexy Nix (Australian ad) 1981 - YouTube

imagine them trying this now.

Christian Television Association (Australian ad) 1979 - YouTube

how about any bonds ad from the past 5 years?

For those who grew up in Perth in the 80s the animated channel 9 community service ads are all at.

scottcongdon’s channel - YouTube

I reckon they’re tops still