HUGE archive of Oz telly ads from the 80's onwards

i still sing that snack attack song all the time.

i wasn’t allowed to watch the simpson’s and the mum still asks me to turn it off when i go visit.

My 13 year old near wet himself at this one

Rod Boucher (Christian Television Association) 1981 - YouTube

Gold thread blakey.
How amazing is it that somewhere in the back of your head you still remember that christian television ad…


For some reason most evangelical/fundy types I know (there’s a few in the family) consider the Simpson’s as one of the worst shows on tv.

I loved this vitamin ad as a kid.


My vote for the finest moment ever on FoA is this !!!

me too man and now my girlfriend doesnt like it either so I have no choice:/

This thread is the best thing since sliced bread.

I thought that Maggi Noodles was TBTSSB …


We used to sing “fast to cook, tastes like shit

And it just gets better.

Fuck. The dudes face at the start!

Decore ad ripps one of my favourite songs Duke Of Earl … my favourite cover is a ska version by Alton Ellis. Singing (badly) this song all morning.

The first time I tried snack packs i was so thoroughly disappointed.

One of my friends got stoned and sang ‘hello, my god!’ repeatedly. it was very creepy and at the same time amazing.

There’s no way mrs cee is is going to understand why this is all so good.

my best mate in perth once did an argumentative talk in english on why snak packs are better than yogos.

from memory he scored highly.

people like that usually find their niche in politics.

he now runs a family built multi million dollar business, so he clearly knows how to talk…


Antz Pantz Licked By Rex the Echidna - YouTube