Huh??! Campagnolo Track Shamal Clincher?

they actually exist?


Nice bit of bike porn there

These or some gipiemme 416’s would seem to ripe for a reissue. From memory I paid $1200 for my 416s and Shamals were ~$1500. Can’t believe that you couldn’t make and sell these for a nice profit at the $1k mark.

Edit: those where the new as released prices, not a 2nd hand ebay proce.

would be less desirable for hipsters to use on the street if they were easily obtained

my understanding is that the so called street cred comes from ‘knowing where to look’ etc (or just looking on ebay and paying too much)

But there is also the junior UCI legal market for track.

I suspect manufacturers think a deep section aluminium rim is obsolete now that you can make carbon in the same shape, and much lighter (and much more mark-up!)

campagnolo still make a deep section aluminium track wheelset… a bit more robust but not as nice looking

i wonder what pistas would look like if you stripped the black and polished them?

Two more of these on the bay
one clincher one tubular, both used

CAMPAGNOLO SHAMAL 16 TRACK - PISTA - FIXIE (eBay item 250809318674 end time 01-May-11 04:49:38 AEST) : Sporting Goods

Campagnolo Shamal Track 16H clincher wheelsetRARE (eBay item 260776066925 end time 01-May-11 17:10:23 AEST) : Sporting Goods