Hunt 1000

Was planning to do something similar in October for fun, but this looks pretty awesome. Keen to see the route in more detail.

I’m 95% sure I’ll be doing this

Same. Looks like we’ll go thru dargo and omeo then over mnt skene, not sure closer to Canberra. Hopefully Barry way

I’m going to see if I can wrangle time off work for it but I don’t think it’ll happen because I’ll need to be there. I’ll join the grand depart and camp out the first night though .

Knowing the kind of riding Dan and his mates do I’m sure it’ll be well thought out and exciting. Probably more details to come as winter fades and they can test ride some sections without snow etc.

I am too fat and unfit at the moment to attempt anything like this.

Pfffft. I’m fat. I’m unfit. I’m gonna do it.

You’ll gain fitness as you ride route, it’s chill.

I’m fat and unfit and starting my training tomorrow

you’ve built a sweet bike for it

a fat bike or a training bike?

so wish this was in school holidays.

I get back from Europe midish November so I’m definitely a maybe.

I’m in the same boat. Would be keen for the first day or 2, but then have to go back to work. melb m8’s welcome to crash beforehand!

I think I’m in for this.

Anyone got a better photo/idea of the route?

They are gonna recce it and release more details as they do it, I imagine some of the route is impassable at the moment.

I’m in, bought a flight up on the 26th

MikeD…I’ll shoot you a PM for your flight details.

I got someone to cover me at work so I’m in too.

Ohhhhhhhh yis

Can we just have a meet up the night before?