Hydro Help

That “I got hydro brakes but X is happening and I hope someone on here can help me fix it”.

I got a set of XT Hydros new and the front one has started leaking at the caliper. Ideas? Can I fix this?

Background: I was stopped at a red light, and was pumping the front brake. On the third or fourth actuation, the dead-throw/free stroke became non-existent. Got home and bled the system, but the dead-throw was still not there. On the second bleed, the dead-throw came back, but with a leak in the caliper body somewhere. Disassembled the caliper, but the seals were completely intact.

Feeling pretty bow bow about this because I installed them last week and its gonna RAIIIIIIIIIN tomorrow, also I just want hydros that work. Soooo:

Do I send back to CRC and say yo, your shits whack

Do I take to a shop and hope I’m not out of pocket too much

Or Do I throw my bike under a tram?

Excuse to call in sick.

post pics/send me on the gram

Will do this weekend asher

So you pulled the slave pistons out and they weren’t all broken into little pieces? That’s usually the culprit with the xt brakes acting this way.

  • joel

Errrrrrp no. I dont know, I didn’t find any broken pieces, I popped one of the pistons out and everything ~seemed~ in order. But I wasn’t exactly sure what I was looking (at) for.

Update: I emailed CRC and they said straight up that yeeeeep it is a known problem with xt brakes, and they are sending a new one out.

Useful info, never knew of this issue with xt brakes.

Slx for me then!

Sox from what I’ve read has the same* caliper design.