I blame polly...

Aluminium Cannondale track frame 1992/1993 HANDMADE IN USA | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree Footscray

You haven’t looked in the FS:Frames subforum lately? $50bux off for FOA users

{IMG}Tell Jontay he’s dreamin’{/IMG}

Apparently not, I’m a new posts only kind of reader…

But feel free to point out anything nice that is a 55cm roady (particularly titanium)/

Snail’s Kenevans / AIS roadie? (Complete Bike forum.)

I did see that one but can’t see how I can justify it as different enough from my Merckx.

edit: and it doens’t have brifters, everything should have brifters. Brifters.

got coin?


$1000.00 is a lot of money for an old Cannondale. I’ve got an old 2.8 road frame laying around maybe I should sell it for $500.00?

Having said that it is in really nice condition given its age.

The 2.8s are such bone shakers though.

i really like these. the fork sets it off.
i don’t think $1k is crazy. didn’t one with shabby paint get snapped up for $600 recently?

$900-$1000 in Asia
$600-800 I’d say in aus
That one for $600 was too much it needs $300-400 spent in paint and decals.
If it was a 99c auction I’d guess it ending around $750.
I love them.

someone can have my old cannondale for $100, fucken ugly old aluminium can thing. fuck tthat stuff, steel’s where it’s at

I sold my road frame of a similar era a few weeks ago for 100, they broke it in 5 days

I’ve got a 92 cannondale road frame. still goes great.

do you want another? otherwise I’m gonna try and smash it jumping stairs

How big?

Edit: I mean, how big’s the bike, not how big are the stairs you’re gonna jump…

56, too big for a sexy miniature like your lovely self.


feel like posting dydlo? whats the frame look like? although 56 mayyyy be too big… hmmm

yeh give it to HLC dylz, then i can haz the hillman =D

Looks like shit, but I’d post it. Call me, we talk details.
0435 173 65seven