I.C.E. Numbers here?

A mate fom the UK was telling me about ICE (In Case of Emergency) numbers - you program your emergency contact numbers into your mobile phone, preceded by .I.C.E (putting the dot in front pulls it to the front of the phone list on most phones).
Started by some UK Ambos a few years ago and now it’s part of Ambo protocol over there when dealing with an accident victim who is unconscious or otherwise can’t identify themselves. Do aussie ambos know about this? it’s a Fucken good idea.


I also wear one of these (the ankle kind, with my contact details and medical info) when I’m out on my own:

brooke and i have been using the same system for years.
i heard about it from paramedics in the states.
i have a triple listing in my phone, one under N.O.K., one under .I.C.E., and one under partner-,

I would have this, but i have Vanilla Ice AND Ice Cube in my phone…

Are you just getting home Spuddy?

I have a Post It Note with my ICE contact number stuck to my licence. I figure if I get hit bad enough that I’m comatose and the ambos are called, then there’s a good chance my phone is totalled as well.

I called the ambulance service to ask them about I.C.E. numbers (a slow news day). They’re aware of them but don’t endorse them. Their protocol is that Ambos don’t contact next of kin (they don’t go through personal effects like wallets and phones either), they do whatever paramedic things that might need doing, and if you’re unconscious and need taking to hospital, it’s the hospital’s job to contact next of Kin.

Any idea what the hospital recommends?

Those medical dogtags and bracelets are widely known by hospitals etc and have been around for years.

I have my girlfriend’s number under A.I.C.E. It wouldn’t come up forst without the A. It also confuses my phone when she calls me, cause her number is in there twice.

The post it note on the licence is a good idea though.